May. 30th, 2012 04:22 pm
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I bet she has not a single angry bone in her body

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this building, man,this building is like any other old building in the area.
it's got a concierge, slow elevators, a brick exterior, and maintenance issues.
just a regular pioneer age pioneer square building.

I assume that it is the concierge's job to post cheesy motivational pictures with motivational quotes printed on them in the elevators, switching them every so often. super cheesy stuff, you know? like "spring is an exercise in immortality" and other live life to its fullest crap.

one of the more recent ones is this cliche:

"don't ask yourself what the world needs. ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

it's printed atop an image of a young boy diving off a pier into cool blue water. he's young and alive, get it?

as cheesy as that sounds, I have reflected upon it.

I'm barely alive these days. 20%, maybe 30 tops.
I'm suffocating here, man. stagnating in seattle. vanishing in the great pacific northwest.

I need to be elsewhere in the world to avoid withering away.
I need to make it happen. I NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, MAN.

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безусловно дэйвид фостер уоллэс был гениальным писателем, и про него тоже нужно снять докьюментари. спокойный такой меланхоличный и задумчивый парень; депрессивный и невероятно мудрый.

в девяносто шестом он прославился бесконечной шуткой (что у меня на очереди, да, уже два года на полке стоит, да), и во время тура с ним тусовался липский, что для ролинг стоуна пишет уже давно. в 2010ом опубликовали книгу/транскрипт этого интервью в несколько дней. конечно, наверное, с начала надо было бы прочесть хоть треть бесконечной шутки, но и так.
и так неплохо идёт.

книга - диалог двух дэйвидов - за жизнь да за бесконечную шутку. уоллес очень скромный чувак, страшно боится зазнаться, и слава для него нечто страшное и странное. и ещё он бесконечно мудрый. а, говорила уже. липский тоже не дурак ни разу. так вот, где-то посередине книги мужики как всегда философствую в прокуренном дэннисе и затрагивают тему
... наверное духовности.

I think this generation has it worse or better than any other. Because I think we're going to have to make it up. I think we're going to have to make up a lot of our own morality, and a lot of our own values. I mean, the old ones -- the 60s and early 70s -- did a marvelous job of just showing how ridiculous and hypocritical, you know, the old authoritarian Father's-always-right, don't-question-authority stuff was. But nobody's ever really come along and given us anything to replace it with. Reagan gave us a kind -- I mean, the Reagan spasm I think was very much a story about a desperate desire to get back to that. But Reagan sold us the past. Reagan enabled a fantasy that the last forty years hadn't taken place. And we're the first generation, we grew up sorta in the rubble of kind of the old system. And we know we don't want to go back to that. But the sort of--this confusion of permissions, or this idea that pleasure and comfort are really the ultimate goal and meaning of life. I think we're starting to see a generation die on the toxicity of that idea.

I'm talking about the number of people that -- I'm not just talking about drug addicts dying in the street. I'm talking about the number of privileged, highly intelligent, motivated career-track people that I know, from my high school or college, who are, if you look into their eyes, empty and miserable. You know? Who don't believe in politics, and don't believe in religion. And believe civic movements or political activism are either a farce or just some way to get power for the people who are in control of it. Or who just don't believe in anything. Who know fantastic reasons not to believe in stuff, and are terrific ironists and pokers of holes. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's just, it doesn't seem to me that there’s just a whole lot else.


My guess is that what it will be, it's going to be the function of some people who are heroes. Who evince a really type of passion, that's going to look very banal and very retrograde and very ... you know, for instance, people who will get on television, and earnestly say, 'It's extraordinarily important that we, the most undertaxed nation on earth, be willing to pay higher taxes, so that we don't allow the lower strata of our society to starve to death and freeze to death.' That it's vitally important that we do that. Not for them, but for us You know? That our survival depends on an ability to look past ourselves and our own self-interest. And these people are going to look - in the climate, in the particular climate of our generation and MTV and Letterman, they're going to look absurd. They're going to look like, What do you call it? Pollyannas. Or, um, you know, suffragettes on soapboxes. They're gonna come off bombastic and pretentious and self-righteous and smug and, um... But in a weird way, I think they're... At some point, at some point I think, this generation's gonna reach a level of , or a level of exhaustion with the standard, you know... There's the drug therapy, there's the sex therapy, there's the success therapy. You know, if I could just achieve X by age X, then something magical... Y'know? That we're gonna find out, as all generations do, that it's not like that. That at a certain point we're gonna look for something. And the question for me is, what? -- is what comes after it? Some Ralph Reed, knuckle-draggin', fundamentalist, you know? Easy atavistic bullshit that's repressive and, that's repressive and truly self-righteous and truly intolerant? Or is there going to be some kind of like, you know, something like what the founding fathers and the Federalists did. You know? Are we going to like look inside our hearts and decide that, things have been fucked up, and we're going to make some rules that are good for everybody?
So of course I'm going to bring this home -- home for me of course.
I think Jacquelen Novogratz and them lot (Kiva, Muhammad Yunus...) have figured out a loophole, a sort of amazing solution to this issue. And it's not a new concept or nothin', just a hundred year old idea, that's all. And I feel like joining them is salvation.
and I wish I had some whiskey and a gun, my dear.
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среди прочих новаторов и изобретателей поддерживаемых акьюменом есть умные ребята под названием Husk Power Systems.
чуваки разработали метод вырабатывания энергии посредством перерабатывания рисовой шелухи и прочих отрубей и cнабжают ей самой 130 деревень в индии.

also in india: A telemedicine company brings $1 virtual checkups.
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потому что грести лопатой бабло и проводить дни и ночи на работе в неком финансовом учреждении можно only so long.
смотрю ребятушки из бэйна бегут делать добро.


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