Feb. 23rd, 2016

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Каждый раз когда специальный тинейджер упаковывает мне покупки в сумки в магазине (я год сама так отслужила), я хочу написать письмо японцам. Они любят создавать занятость, но у них никто не пакует покупок, если их больше, чем одна. Наверняка есть причины на такое упущение.
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The next recruiter that tells me they love their job because “they have the power to change peoples lives” is going to get introduced to the business end of my shoe.
If you’re one of those recruiters that actually believes this, allow me to give you a lift back to planet Earth.
You’re not a Social Worker.
You’re not a Life Coach.
You’re not a Career Counsellor.

With this logic, nobody's job is fucking important cause they're not saving lives.
I, however, feel a pang of pride when I get a person out of a shitty 60+ hours a week job at a place he/she isn't valued to a place he/she calls home and maybe learns a thing or two.

now, if you're an agency recruiter and all you do is place people on shitty contracts... yeah, you're changing people's lives for the worse.

I used to shit on teaching English because English "teachers" are a dime a dozen in the places I taught and I wasn't exactly a professor who could educate, merely a willing participant with some interest and energy. Little did I know, teaching isn't just about putting a piece of knowledge into somebody's head so that they may use it when appropriate - it's also inspiring and leading the student. Fuck, I had no idea my student learned anything from our on again- off again volunteer sessions (half off which we spend chatting in Russian), and yet she went and got some important life-changing shit done on her own in English and without her kid's help because I inspired her and instilled confidence in her that she did not have before our little sessions.

Lives can be changed in big ways and in small ways. Hell, maybe I won't hire you for my start-up btu I'll get you thinking about your career and you'll go get a better job on your own cause a recruiter reached out to you, which means you must be worth something!


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